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  Have you been looking for an abortion clinic online to get answers to your questions? You get a lot of results when you search for an abortion clinic or Planned Parenthood near me. There’s even a chat bot you can “talk” to. But have you seen our new “Chat with a Nurse” button on our website? If you need to talk to someone about a pregnancy decision, and you can’t come in to see us, this is where you can go. When you click on or tap the button, you will talk to a real person through texting, and that person is a nurse. No chat bot. And nobody that will make money from your decision. Our nurses don’t have any financial interest in the decision you make. We have a nurse on call to have a conversation with you 24/7. This nurse will truthfully and compassionately tell you about the procedures and the effects of those procedures. They are concerned with both you and your baby. They help you sort through things and help you to consider things that you might not think about when you are distraught. Things like having an ultrasound first before you decide. There are multiple reasons why you really need to have an ultrasound first. You might be farther along than you think or else you might not be pregnant at all. There might be complications like an ectopic or molar pregnancy. Or the nurse might suggest that you think about the fact that you will be all alone with no support when your pills take effect and you have your miscarriage at home. And what are you going to do with it? The nurse can also suggest some local resources that can help you when you think that there’s nowhere to turn. Yes, you probably were looking for a “Planned Parenthood near me” because that was the first thing that popped into your mind that would help you fix your problem. But both our online nurse and our in house volunteers are great listeners and have up to date resources that can answer the questions you might have about your pregnancy and the options you’re looking into. Some of the compliments we’ve received from people who have visited us are: • “I felt comfortable talking about my issues • “Very informative” • “The respect and communication was very nice and sweet” • “…welcoming and understanding” So – wouldn’t you rather talk to a real person than a chat bot? Take time to think about your future before you take action and do something that cannot be undone and that you’ll regret later. Life has challenges we cannot face alone – it helps to know that someone cares