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Sometimes, it just doesn’t hit you until you are there and the procedure is about to start. You suddenly realize: ”I don’t want to do this!” What can you do?
For a woman who has decided to have a surgical abortion-whether it’s an early aspiration, or a later term D&E, she is free to change her mind up UNTIL the moment that the surgical procedure begins. Maybe you paid your deposit, or you had laminaria placed in your cervix, but you can still change your mind. What if you’re laying on the exam table and the abortion doctor has numbed your cervix, but hasn’t put any instruments into your cervix, you can still say “no” and get up off the table and leave. It is your body, it is still your choice. But once the instruments are in your uterus and the suction is turned on: it’s too late.

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“Discovering she was 6 weeks pregnant as a senior in high school, Wisdom was worried that she wouldn’t be able to graduate and that her mother would kick her out of the house. To avoid these concerns, she decided the abortion pill was her only option.”  Read the rest of the story at the Abortion Pill Reversal website above.