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Wondering if, when you come to Pregnancy Decision Resources or contact us in other ways, you’ll feel welcome? Would you take someone’s word for it who has been here?

When asked what our clients liked best about us, here are some of their answers:

“I feel comfortable talking about my issues.”

“How welcoming and understanding they are with our struggle right now.”

“I’m not judged for being a teen mom.”

“The respect and communication was very nice and sweet.”

Here’s what one person said about her experience with us:  “While unemployed with 3 children and another on the way, I became very accustomed to the help with diapers and clothing but what sticks with me was the friendly relationships. The volunteers made a point to ask how I was feelin and my plans as a mother of soon to be 4.  Giving me tips from additional potty training methods, breast feeding methods, and always reassuring me.  They made me feel important when at times the crazy life with tiny ones consumed me, my stressful days they understood and could relate.  BIG THANK YOU FROM A MOTHER THAT WILL NEVER FORGET a stranger’s kindness.”

Need more convincing? You can experience it for yourself.  Maybe you feel uncomfortable coming in to a new place meeting new people. We get it.  Start out by sending us a message through texting or our contact page on this website. See what we’re like on Twitter (click on the Twitter button at the bottom of this page).  Visit our Google page.  If we’re at a community event, stop by to see us – we’re the ones who you will see at the center.