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Father to My Baby,  by Corrie

Luke knew from the moment he bumped, literally, into Molly Reese that she was
the one for him.
“Ouch!” The pretty brunette’s books scattered, and her glasses clattered to the
“Sorry!” Luke knelt and helped her up, “I didn’t see you! Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine, thanks.” The girl stood and brushed herself off.
“I’m Luke Acosta,” Luke said, sticking out his hand.
The girl shook his hand and pushed her glasses on, “Molly Reese. Nice to meet you,
but I’ve got to go. I’m going to be late for class!”
“Okay, sorry again!” Luke called.
“No problem.” She called back over her shoulder.
That’s when Luke knew he’d found the one.
She was in his biology class at Summerfield University, studying to be a science
teacher, so he often made time to talk. Despite coming from far different
backgrounds, his dad being a CEO and mom a lawyer, while her parents were a
plumber and stay-at-home mom, they found themselves falling in love. Pretty
soon, they spent all their time together. They were perfect for each other, both
having ambitions and dreams for their future, which now included a life together.
Life was good and nothing could go wrong.
Then, one day Molly called and asked him to meet her at the park, needing to talk,
she said.
That’s when Luke’s life changed forever.
“You’re what?” He asked, not believing what she’d said.
“I’m pregnant, Luke. Pregnant.” She started to cry, “ What are we going to do?”
Luke took her in his arms, “Hey, it’s okay. Listen, we’re going to get through this.”
Molly looked up, tears in her eyes, “I was thinking we need to go to one of those
clinics downtown and get it taken care of. You know, those places do it safely and
“What?” Luke asked, holding her back, “No, Molly, no. I want to…I want to keep the
“Keep the baby?” Molly said, “What are you talking about? It’s not a baby yet. We can’t keep it, anyway. Our lives will be ruined. What about my plans to
be a teacher? What about your medical studies? How are we going to live our lives
with a baby?”
“Our lives won’t be ruined, Molls. I love you. I want to make you a part of my life.
And this baby.”
Molly pulled away, “I can’t, Luke. No.”
She turned to go.
“Molly, wait!” Luke said, reaching for her, “Please don’t leave.”
Molly shook her head, “I need some time to think, Luke. Alone. Please.”
Over the next few days, Luke tried everything he could to get ahold of Molly. She
didn’t answer his calls, his texts or answer her door. Luke felt like he was losing not
only her, but any chance their baby had.
Finally, he ran into Molly on his way to get lunch one day.
“Sorry…” she started to say, as she looked up, “Luke. I…” She mumbled.
“Molly, please, just listen.” Luke pled.
She sighed, “Okay.”
“I am so sorry for what happened. I love you so much.” Luke said. “Molly, I want to
fix our relationship. You mean so much to me.”
Molly smiled, teary-eyed. “I love you, too, Luke. I’ve, well, I’ve decided that I want
to keep our baby, too.”
Luke laughed, “Really? Oh, Molly, that makes me so happy!”
3 Months Later:
Molly smiled, “I love this park, Luke.”
Luke’s heart pounded, “Me too. Hey, Molls?”
“Uh huh?” Molly turned around to look at him.
Luke knelt on the ground. “Molly Reese, I love you and I want to spend the rest of
my life with you. I want to take care of you and love you no matter what. I want to
be a father to our baby. Will you marry me?”
Molly gasped, “Of course I will! Yes!”
Their wedding was a small one with a few close friends and their parents. It was
Seven months later, on Christmas Day, Molly gave birth to a healthy baby boy.
“He’s adorable.” She smiled, “I can’t believe he’s ours.”
Luke grinned, stroking the baby’s head. “What should we name him?”
Molly thought for a minute. “I was thinking Matthew Aaron. Matthew means gift of
God and Aaron means miracle.” She looked over at Luke, “What do you think?”
Luke smiled, “That’s perfect, hon. Matthew Aaron Acosta, our little miracle from
Thank you, God. Luke thought. Thank you for a miracle.